4 different ways to pick your perfect wedding colours

One of my brides asked me recently; Where do I start with my wedding colours? There is so much information out there and everyone has their own take about which shades should be used for a 'seasonal' colour scheme and which Pantone colour of the year is best for you and the alignment of your astrological chart.

Like everything you decide for your wedding,
the ‘you-ness factor’ is key.


Selecting a certain aesthetic or colours only because they're 'so hot right now' means effectively disengaging yourself from personalising your rite of passage at a very visceral level. Remember the reason your getting married in the first place and what your wedding means to you both and use THAT as your inspiration and guide.

One of the major (and largely unavoidable) contributing factors of your wedding's overall look and feel will come from your choice of venue(s). If your venue is a vineyard or garden, then the overarching theme will generally be nature or natural colours. If your venue is a restaurant or hotel, then take the time to check out the wall colour/wall paper, window dressings and furniture to help guide you. From this baseline of what your surroundings will be like, it's time to embrace your inner creative and try some ideas on for size. Remember, this is meant to be fun!  


1) Use a photo or painting or piece of art that you both gravitate towards, you can discover the colour pallet using a website like Pictaculous.

2) Colours of significance - if certain colours make you happy, are clearly your favourites (like for your football team's, for example) or have a special meaning to you both, it's a no brainer. You can choose to take the pallet literally (I personally see no problem with red, navy and gold - Go Crows!) or soften one or two of the colours by adding a little more white (you can use a website like Colllar to adjust your colours until they're just right for you).

3) Pick a primary/core colour and let a website like Bridal Guide suggest complementary colour combinations for you. 

4) Spin a wheel - yep, that's right. It's the digital equivalent of flipping a coin! Good fun, though.. try Brides.com

How are you choosing your wedding colours? Let me know in the comments.

Adelaide celebrant Camille Abbott