Confetti - c'mon, you know you love it..

Weddings have changed a lot in the last 40 odd years, but the need to celebrate and mark the occasion with memorable moments and demonstrations of love and hope, hasn't.

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While I can acknowledge (albeit, begrudgingly) that it's not 1977, I still challenge anyone not to appreciate the childlike fun of a good 'ol confetti toss. I mean, look at that awesome photo by Kate Pardey right at the top - it simply oozes happiness and joy (and eco-friendly confetti, for those playing at home), right? And who doesn't want an extra big helping of that on their wedding day?

Along with our (relatively) newfound awareness of the environmental concerns associated with dousing your loved ones in non-biodegradable coloured paper dots, comes many venue's contractual restrictions. To be fair, these limits are usually borne from their reluctance to spend the better part of an hour cleaning up afterwards.

So before you set your heart on any of these alternatives, please chat with your venue to see what their requirements are and any associated cleanup fees for those that choose not to comply.

So in 2018, what are your options? Oh boy, here we go!

First up, there are the confetti imposters: glitter, sequins, foil stars/hearts and the like. A NIGHTMARE to clean up and definitely not eco-friendly. They also reek a bit of school formals/prom.

The more natural versions, like rose petals, lavender buds, dried wildflowers or autumn leaves ('as is' or die-cut with different shaped hole punches) are very popular at the moment. The flowers smell delightful and they make for spectacular photos too! 

Rose petal canons can pack a punch, but be warned - they are seriously 'gunshot loud' and you must fire them directly up as the force that they generate is deceptively strong for a foot-long cardboard tube.

Or what about bird seed, rice paper butterflies, heart-shaped biodegradable rice, rainbow oatsbiodegradable snowflakes or sugar sprinkles?

Some other ideas that are cute (but not great for outdoors or eco-friendly) are heart or butterfly die-cut book pages, pom poms, aeroplane die-cut atlas map pages, feathers, streamers and origami butterflies.

For those with a love of music, maybe something like tinkling bell wands, lace tambourines or kazoos would suit your leanings.

Throwing mini beach balls or a balloon release in a wide open space looks amazing in photos.

Holding and/or waving pennants, mini flags, glow sticks or sparklers are sweet ways for your guests to bid you adieu.

And of course, the fail-safe is bubble blowing which always adds a wonderfully whimsical touch to the recessional. You can amp it up with bubble blowing machines.

Please share what confetti alternative you chose in the comments below. I'd love to see some photos too!

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