Rayleen & Paul - Adelaide CBD

Paul and Rayleen, who first met when Paul was in town from Melbourne for business, were initially drawn to one another by their quirky sense of humour and shared taste in music and dumplings. It stood to reason that their wedding day should include a decent helping of laughs, music, good food and fun. 

Their processional kicked off with a bang as Iain Carr surprised the guests (and in particular, Paul's Mum - see in the photos) as he played the bride and groom into their ceremony at The Gallery

After paying our respects to Rayleen's deceased father, Clive, and welcoming Rayleen's Mum, Sophie, to participate in the giving away, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. But the mood was lightened considerably when I checked with Sophie if she had brought the goat dowry that Paul had stipulated.

In all of the emotion and excitement, Sophie had completely forgotten about the throw-away line that we had practiced only the day before, and several guests had a chuckle when I needed to take a few moments to alleviate her concerns and remind her of the little joke. A badly butchered joke, but a joke, none the less..

Paul and Rayleen chose to take a joint marriage vow, holding each other and reading from their palm card, saying a paragraph at a time. Given their level of nervousness and reluctance to say a lot, I think that it was the perfect compromise which gave them an opportunity to literally support each other at a very intimate moment in during their ceremony. 

Tony Fu from BCaptured by Ky Luu was their photographer and although the portraits are next-level amazing, I also really love the style of their ceremony shots. Tony caught every laugh, snort, sob and squeal and I think it paints an incredible picture of the emotions that were felt by everyone in the room that night.


Bagpipes: Iain Carr Scottish Bagpipes

Bouquet & Flowers: Just Wedding Flowers

Cake: How Sweet It Is

Celebrant: me!

Decor/Styling: Rayleen (the Bride)

Hair: Susie Martini (friend)

Make Up: Kyal Blake (friend)

Paul's outfit: Scott Ferguson Formalwear

Photography: Tony Fu of BCaptured by Ky Luu

Rings: Wishart Jewellers

Shoes: Shoes of Prey

Signage: Wing Fish Celebrations

Venue: The Gallery

Wedding gown: CPOP Bridal Couture