Thoughtful gift ideas for loved ones

I'm all for a minimalistic wedding; just the two of you, your nearest and dearest, some food, drinks and music. There are lots of traditions and new trends, that I seriously think should be given the flick. 

But I do believe that there is still room to thank people (like your Mum and Dad) for their love and support with a little token of your appreciation.

You may recall the Etsy competition that I was running? Well, the lucky winner, Prue Foster, got my attention with her 25 words or less answer about what she would spend the $100 gift card on: her daughter who will be walking her down the aisle. She wanted to get her something to remember the day by and to (hopefully) keep forever.

So it got me thinking about the other people that you might want to buy something special for and some unique ways to say, 'thanks for always being there' and 'I love you'.

Father of the Bride

A patch for the inside of his tie or a personalised money clip.

Mother of the Bride

Mother/daughter necklace set or an infinity bracelet.

Father of the groom

Personalised cufflinks

Mother of the groom

Personalised handkerchief

celebrant Camille Abbott

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