A renewal of vows ceremony is popular with married couples wishing to reaffirm the vows of love and commitment they took on their wedding day – whether it was 5, 25 or 50 years ago. Such a ceremony provides the couple with an opportunity for their family and friends to participate, witness and affirm their love and support too. 

I can create and conduct a personalised renewal of vows ceremony to celebrate your time together. You may want to use the same vows you took on your wedding day, or you may like my help to write new vows which reflect the journey of your relationship, and perhaps refer to the joys and tribulations you have shared.

In the same way, readings, rituals or music used in your original ceremony may be revisited to evoke fond memories and create new ones for friends and family members who may not have been present on your wedding day.

Get in contact with me to check my availability and start planning your vow renewal ceremony.