wedsites - why you need one

Weddings are pretty much jam-packed with traditions and etiquette, 'shoulds' and expectations. While some have their place, it is 2016 people, and high time to get with the freakin' program!

Have a really good think about it; if you choose to communicate everything to all of your guests (I understand that Nanna Smith and Uncle Glen are not exactly tech-savvy, but you can always call them) in person, on the phone or via snail mail (save the dates, invitations, RSVPs etc.) you are handing over a LOT of your precious time. And as I know that many of you are career-driven, family oriented, adventure seeking, fun time folks, surely there are other things that you would rather be doing, yes?

Here are what some of the cooler wedsites sites can now offer you:

RSVPs - some allow guests to RSVP online. It saves you time, money and energy to not have to track them manually. You can also easily check to see who hasn't responded by your cut-off date and include specifications for dietary and special access (wheelchair etc.) requirements or song requests to get your guests on the dancefloor.

Gift registries - let your guests know where you are registered, if you are having a wishing well or would prefer donations to a charity and when and how they can contribute.

Offer Directions - tell your guests where to go (in the nicest and easiest possible way) to the engagement party, bridal shower, hen's do, buck's show, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, after party or recovery breakfast using maps and links.

Guest book - a section for your guests to leave their best wishes.

Personal story - photos, stories or a timeline of how you met.

Introduce the bridal party - include photos, bios, their most embarrassing moment, how you met, their favourite icecream flavour or how long you've been friends etc. 

Photo uploads - provide a secure (read: no immediate public humiliation) location for your guests to upload photos of the planning, parties and wedding itself for everyone to be able to share regardless of their social media involvement.

Here are some of my favourite wedsites with sexy templates (rather than those that will rot your teeth with hearts, ribbons and flowers): - FREE 14 day trial, then $8US per month (if paid annually for the Personal plan) - FREE to $35US for premium - FREE to $8.25US per month (paid for year) on Combo plan - FREE - FREE to $7US per month

Which wedding website are you using and how has it been received by your guests? Please comment below - I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Celebrant Camille Abbott